We make the development pipeline of IMU-based human behaviour estimation solutions several times faster with HEURHA product
Neurha is a library of components which saves your time in these stages
Data labeling
  • Set of micro-actions to increase labeling speed
  • Signal cleaning and denoising
  • Gravity extraction
  • Sensor fusion for coordinate frame change
  • Signals and labels synchronization
  • Feature extraction (raw, statistics, FFT)
Model creation
  • The atomic actions recognition model
  • HMM for complex actions sequence detection
Training and evaluation pipeline
  • Visualization and analysis code
  • Training and inference code
  • Model compression code
If our library doesn't cover your needs completely, our team customizes a solution for you. We'll develop a complete algorithm for you if needed.
Possible applications
Examples of features we help to create
Sports classification
Infant activity analysis
Pet behaviour analysis
Fall detection for elderly people
We already helped RnD departments from Samsung and Huawei to accomplish their projects.
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